To Ensure the Highest Quality of Eye Care is Affordable, Accessible, and Available to All.
— Mission

The goal is to not only to treat symptoms of poor eye-care, but also to empower people with the knowledge and practices to prevent avoidable ailments. Dekhon will tackle the roots of these problems and sponsor capacity building exercises in the long run by setting up lasting infrastructure for continued treatment.

Dekhon - meaning "to look" or "to see" in Hindi - is an initiative of Shri Ganapati Netralaya that aims to fight the growing condition of blindness that is especially prevalent in rural areas of India. Backed by the top of the line infrastructure of Jalna-based Shri Ganapati Netralaya, Dekhon seeks to expand throughout the under-serviced regions of Maharashtra.

By establishing a self–sustaining network of high quality eye-care facilities in the areas where they are needed the most, this initiative will begin to address the issue of not only blindness, but eye ailments in general, right from the origin. The reach of this network will extend over a wide area of rural towns and villages. Dekhon will also be focusing on improving eye-related awareness in rural areas.